How To Choose The Perfect Fabrics For Your Upholstery Project In Dubai?
How To Choose The Perfect Fabrics For Your Upholstery Project In Dubai? by ContentEditor / with 0 comments

Are you curious how classy hotels managed to achieve an elegant look on their furniture pieces all the time? Well, apart from having the best interior designers they could get to work on their final arrangements, the other reason is due to the furniture makers who made their top quality furniture pieces. The fine details and level of craftsmanship is evident from design until to the production ensuring each furniture piece exhibits true work of art, expertise and confidence in what they are doing.

If your main goal right now is to achieve a least a certain level of world class look in your house, choosing the perfect fabrics for your upholstery project in Dubai should be your priority. Below are some of the vital elements that you need to consider when shopping fabrics for your upholstery.

  • Type of fabric to be used

First of all, determine the main purpose of that particular furniture piece. If it is intended for frequent usage, then, careful selection of the fabric material to be used is a necessity. One good example, for your family sofa wherein constant sitting is expected from any member of the family as well as guests, choosing fabrics that are made from durable materials are excellent. Why? Keep in mind, your family sofa will be exposed to frequent rubbing, plus the weight of each person sitting on it and if it is not made from top quality fabric materials, potential tear would likely to happen and you have no choice than to have it repaired or buy a new one which could be quite costly.

  • Type of fabric finish

Another important factor that you must look into when you are scouting for the ideal fabric materials for your upholstery project is the fabric finish. If you want to be assured that unavoidable spills and stains would easily come off using any cleaning product, go for stain-resistant finish fabric material. If you don’t have a clue on what is the recommended fabric for an upholstery project, ask a furniture specialist in Dubai or better have your furniture pieces custom-made.

  • Fabric that prevents growth of harmful micro-organisms

Nowadays, more and more homeowners are being health conscious and also incorporate this healthy living lifestyle on their choices of furniture pieces. If you want full protection for your family and be assured that any seating furniture piece will not develop harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and molds, buy fabric materials that have anti-microbial finish. In fact, many high-end furniture manufacturers use the latest technology to prevent the potential growth of bacteria through the use of the micro-encapsulation method inserted on their fabric’s fiber surface.

  • East to care and maintain

With many of us having busy lifestyles, the need for easy to care and mange furniture pieces is widely favored and a sure hit among homeowners who have little time in cleaning their homes, particularly their furniture pieces. If your sofa is exposed more to dust and other dirt particles, I highly suggest you choose fabric materials for your upholstery that are manufactured for less maintenance and easy handling. Again, if you want peace of mind that whatever furniture piece you put inside your home will provide longer years of service and top performance, seek a professional furniture specialist that caters to any upholstery project. I’m sure he or she can provide credible suggestions on what fabric materials will produce the best outcome.

Top advice:

Any upholstery project requires a good deal of time, planning, budget and expertise when buying the appropriate fabric materials needed. If you want to get a good deal of your money, entrust this upholstery project with a knowledgeable furniture upholsterer or furniture maker in Dubai. With his or her proven track of record in producing top quality upholstered furniture pieces, I’m sure you will get a good bargain, plus having the privilege to have lasting set of furniture pieces that will serve you and your family.

If you don’t know where to find a reputable furniture specialist in Dubai, ask friends, relative or colleagues at work who have availed their services. You can also check the directory listing of your local business organization. For sure they have a complete list of registered members providing this type of professional service.

Lastly, don’t think twice of investing more on custom-made furniture pieces because you can always rely these pieces are skillfully made to last a lifetime. Aside from that, you have the freedom to choose a unique design that you can’t find in any ordinary furniture outlet where most of their pieces are for mass production. I do hope you find the above tips useful as you carry on with your upholstery project. Feel free to share your own views or experience.