How To Choose The Ideal Furniture Pieces In Dubai?
How To Choose The Ideal Furniture Pieces In Dubai? by ContentEditor / with 0 comments

The living room is usually the main attraction of anyone’s home because this place is where we entertain guests, spend quality time with family members or simply use it as a relaxation area after a tiring day at the office or school. It is vital that every homemaker should take time making the living room as inviting and comfortable, yet pleasant to the eyes of the onlooker. That’s why it is highly recommended by interior designers in Dubai to put the appropriate furniture pieces that will blend with the overall interior design and available space of the living room. If you are on the lookout for some great tips on how to choose the ideal furniture pieces in Dubai, below are some guidelines for your convenience.

  • Get accurate measurements

If you want to know the exact measurement of your living room, get a tape measure or any measuring tool that can be used to accurately measure the length and width of the entire room, so that you have a clear idea on the available space where your preferred furniture pieces will be placed.

  • Create a layout of your desired floor plan

Even though you don’t possess the skills in sketching a layout of your living room’s floor plan, it is still necessary that you come up with a written draft or drawing. This drawing or sketch will serve as your blueprint when you try to position your furniture pieces. Put some allowance or free space in between the furniture pieces to avoid overcrowding in the event you are tempted to purchase a larger family sofa. Make sure there is enough space where you, your family members or guests could move and walk freely without bumping any fragile items or squeezing one’s body just to get through.

  • Don’t forget to measure doorways and hallways

Some homeowners often forget taking measurement of doorways and other connecting hallways leading to the living room where you need to pass through once the furniture pieces are delivered by your furniture retailer shop in Dubai. To avoid having to dismantle the furniture piece or damaging the passage way, take measurement with the use of a painter’s tape or use sheets of newspaper to get a visual view.

  • Visualize how your living room will be used

The living room is usually the place where family members spend most of their free time while at home relaxing. When you are scouting for the best furniture sets in any Dubai furniture store outlet, try to visualize how your living room will be used. Of course, this area is expected to experience heavy traffic and frequent usage of the furniture pieces, so it would be a wise choice to go for sturdy, stain-resistant and easy to clean and manage. If you have younger kids, avoid items that are fragile in nature or with delicate fabric materials because you know how kids would love to play around.

  • Consider the overall structure or built of the living room

If you hired an interior designer based in Dubai, decorating your living room would not be as difficult or exhausting as you imagined it to be because he or she is surely qualified to design any type of living room. A certified home stylist will have a solid background on what will look good in an Asian inspired living room like choosing furniture pieces made from natural wood materials or decorating windows and patio doors with bamboo blinds for a more oriental look. On the other hand, if your living room is structured under the influence of modern generation, putting the latest furniture pieces made from steel, brass or other innovative materials would be an excellent choice.

How to choose the right furniture piece for your living room?

Here are additional ideas when you start shopping for the perfect furniture pieces in any Dubai furniture store:

  • Buy the basic living room essentials first like family sofa, either with armrest or none, side table, coffee or center table, lighting and some decorative items to make it more vibrant.
  • Invest on high quality furniture pieces like solid wood type of chairs because they will last longer. Expect to pay more for high end or customized furniture pieces, but be contented in the end since you can be assured that they will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.
  • Choose cushions made with extra padded foam materials. If you will buy a family sofa, get one with extra padded foam inside for added comfort and avoid wear and tear after few months of usage.
  • Carefully inspect each furniture piece you wish to buy. For example, if you are planning to purchase a coffee table, see to it all the legs are adjacent from one another and sturdy enough to hold items on top.
  • Mix and match furniture pieces with different styles or designs. Gone are the days when each furniture piece found inside the house should project uniformity. In today’s modern generation, homeowners are being adventurous when it comes to their choices of furniture pieces. They mix and match furniture pieces of various styles. There are times when the family’s sofa design is entirely different to the existing armchair. Don’t be afraid not to follow the traditional type of decorating your living room. Let your personality show by adding something that truly represents your distinct taste.
  • Determine your living room’s theme. This is important if you want to achieve an elegant appearance. What’s your preferred theme? Will you go for French, Spanish or Medieval inspired living room design? If you have the budget, contract a reputable interior designer in Dubai and save yourself all the trouble of finding what will suit best on your desired theme.
  • If you are living in a high rise building like a condo or townhouse, better find furniture pieces that will fit well on limited space.