Feng Shui Wood Element: How To Apply It Inside Your Home In Dubai
Feng Shui Wood Element: How To Apply It Inside Your Home In Dubai by ContentEditor / with 0 comments

In Feng shui, the wood element represents creativity. If you want to incorporate the wood element inside your home in Dubai, here are some facts that will help you fully understand how it can bring positive energy in every corners of your place.

Introduction to wood element in nature

We all know that wood originates from nature, basically from a tree plant where the roots are directly planted in the soil and branches come out into a solid foundation when mature. In feng shui, the wood is believed to have two parts, the unseen roots, referred as “yin” and the trunk and branches reaching heaven or known as “yang”. The wood is regarded as a connecting link between yin and yang. In life, wood represents one’s growth and as it emerged into a full grown tree with fruits, these fruits represent one’s success.

If the wood element is applied inside a house, it often rules the person’s creativity, sense of vision and anger. How does it affect one’s thinking? For example, if the wood element found inside your home is productive like a living plant, it actually helps the person living there to regain strength to carry on with his or her plans in life. The creativity found in the wood element is being transmitted into the minds of each family member, giving them the urge to start again where they stopped and acquire energy for new ideas.

Features of the wood element

In feng shui, wood symbolizes renewal, reawakening and rebirth. If we are to apply this belief in our personal lives, the wood element gives us a link to the future and provides creativity as we plan and design our lives and where we are heading to. The wood element in every aspect of our lives gives us a vision and prompts us to move forward to achieve that goal. Wood also gives us the energy to express our views and share them to everyone. Wood is more focused on growth and maintaining balance.

Decorating ideas inside the house using the wood element

  • The best color to represent the wood element is green.
  • Placing a vertical rectangular wall clock in the east direction of your living room is advisable based on feng shui practices.
  • To encourage creativity and protection into your home display a dragon roll in east. Dragon represents protection while roll could be in the form of wood for creativity.
  • Living plants, fresh flowers and other objects in shades of green are ideal for decorations if you want to attract wood element.
  • If you are planning to plant a tree, don’t position it in the south direction because it will attract the fire element.
  • If you want to maximize the energy of the wood element, placing healthy and blooming plants inside your home or office is highly recommended.
  • In case you wish to give your walls a fresh look, green colored wallpapers are perfect or any wall coverings that have leaf design to invite the wood element.


It will do no harm if you will adopt the feng shui practices as your start decorating your homes or offices in Dubai. In fact, many reliable interior designers in Dubai get some inspiration using the feng shui belief. If applied the correct way, feng shui will deliver an abundant flow of positive vibes and transform anyone’s home or office into a place of happiness and prosperity. Be ready to implement changes when needed if you want to attract good health, wealth and abundance of live. Remember, any positive energy that flows freely in any direction of your home or office is a good sign.  If you want to learn more about feng shui and its five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water, read related resource materials and visit websites that provide information on this area.

You can also consult a reputable interior designer if you can’t handle your redecorating project. Be sure you confide your redecorating requirements with your chosen interior designer in Dubai like the use of the feng shui, so that you will be assured that every interior design or decorations placed inside your home adheres to the wood element. In the event you are also planning to customize your furniture pieces, a furniture specialist is the right person to contact because he or she has the expertise in producing top quality pieces, but take note in feng shui wood that is lifeless doesn’t comply with the wood element. I do hope the above ideas gave you valuable insights about the wood element and hopefully you can personally apply them on your redecorating project. Regardless, on what you want to achieve in the end, always go for something that will encourage good health and wealth.