Dubai’s Interior Design Trends For 2015
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Can’t wait what’s hot and trendy from Dubai’s interior designers this 2015? Well, let me give you a sneak peak of what this coming year would bring to our well-loved homes. As the home interior industry evolves from the ordinary to best, this 2015 expect more changes and reinvention being done on our present furniture pieces. According to the furniture specialists in Dubai, their masterpieces will combine the classic, retro and modern look into extraordinary pieces of fine craftsmanship. There will be lots of experiments, combining various patterns, colors, fabric materials and other artistic artwork designs in their works that will represent individuality.

So, if you have plans of giving your home, office or business establishment a new look as 2015 officially starts, here are some of the best interior trends for 2015. I do hope they will inspire you to carry on with your creative ideas.

  1. Combining the old and new inspirations of interior designs is one way to decorate a particular room this 2015. If you wish to create a stylish yet comfortable living room for your family, try to mix and match new decorative items with your existing furniture pieces. This effort will not give your room a new refreshing look, but allow you to save money, since you don’t need to change everything. You can also apply this approach to any rooms of the house needing redecoration as well as inside your office or business space.
  2. If you are on the lookout for some modern decorating materials, use different textures of wood, stone and metal. Be more adventurous when it comes to your choices. For example, if you have the budget to contract the production of your home’s furniture pieces, why not go with metal frames and bases for your chairs, tables, bed frames and even lighting effects. On the other hand, if you still want a touch of the contemporary lifestyle, combine metal and wood elements on your furniture sets and other decorations. A classic wooden coffee table would be a perfect centerpiece of attraction. If you want to infuse the stone element inside your home, white marble would be an excellent representation of lavish look. Keep in mind, 2015 will be more of natural materials and they will dominate the modern interior design trends in Dubai as well as other countries like the use of metal and glass, wood and stone materials.
  3. Incorporate modern interior design colors. Among the favored shades that will widely used for 2015 are green colors, yellow and mauve colors, light and darker shades of purple, rich blue and shades of pink. Individuals who love to decorate can expect also natural shades to be used in rooms like grays, soft black and creamy white to achieve the contemporary look.
  4. For theme application, natural and organic designs will be the focal point of most interior designers in Dubai when decorating walls and windows. There will be green walls, indoor water features, massive use of wallpaper coverings in various prints like greeneries, floral prints and other natural themed patterns. In fact, even on furniture designs, there would be lots of flowers and plants designs integrated like on bed headboards, chairs and tables where trellis designs are applied. If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to buy a new furniture pieces with these designs, you can just decorate your room with live plants or fresh flowers for that natural look.
  5. Try the retro inspired look by mixing your rustic style furniture pieces with any available classic interior decorative item such as painting showcasing geometrical prints in black and white, chalk drawings or customized wallpaper designs with handwritten letters. If you are aiming for that vintage look in your room, decorate it with a few metal framed chairs with a painted white wooden table. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers on your table as centerpiece.
  6. Apply the eco-friendly look by supporting the reuse and recycle campaign while decorating your home, office or business outlet. Find items inside your home that you can reuse instead of throwing them in the garbage bin. For example, empty wine bottles when painted will be perfect as decorative items. Be creative when looking for recyclable items. This is also a good bonding time to involve all members of the family to do this DIY project on recycled items.
  7. Go for versatile designs when decorating your rooms, office or business establishment. Fabric prints with natural inspired can be truly appealing to the onlooker’s eyes and make that person feel the beauty of nature in his or her surroundings.

There you have some of Dubai’s interior design trends that will surely make any room of the house, office or business space shine as we start the 2015 with a loud bang. Bring your interior designing talents into life and apply them as you carry on with your redecorating project.