Dubai’s Furniture Care Tips
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Do you want to enjoy longer years of service from your furniture pieces? If your goal is to make them last and retain their beautiful appearance as if they have just been bought from a furniture retail store in Dubai, follow these furniture care tips.

The Do’s in furniture care

  • Regular dusting of your furniture pieces is a must to avoid any dust or other dirt particles from sitting too long on your furniture’s surface. A clean, soft cloth will be perfect for any dusting. If you are planning to use some cleaning products, check first if the ingredients found in the product is advisable for furniture usage. Keep in mind, there is a specific cleaning product designed for furniture pieces like leather or wood and if you aren’t careful on what you use, you might end up damaging the exterior finish of your favorite family sofa.
  • Focus on one furniture item before you proceed cleaning the other pieces. Always use a damp cloth or wet sponge if you want to remove some dirt. In case you have noticed stubborn stains on the furniture’s fabric, try a mild liquid soap or any cleaning product ideal for fabrics.
  • Consult a furniture expert in Dubai for some professional advice on the best cleaning agents that can keep your furniture pieces spotlessly clean. If you are still unsure whether your cleaning efforts are delivering the desired outcome on your furniture sets, ask the furniture specialist provider if they can provide furniture cleaning or maintenance and avail this type of service.

The Don’ts on furniture care

  • Cleaning products that contain silicone ingredients are not recommended for furniture cleaning.
  • Avoid leaving any damp residue on the furniture’s surface, especially those made from fine wood because once the moisture dries in the air, this will lead to unsightly marks. If you are going to wipe your wooden furniture pieces with a damp cloth, don’t forget to dry them with a clean dry cloth as your final touch.
  • Don’t place upholstered furniture pieces near the fireplace or any area where direct heat contact is possible like the heating system because the furniture might catch accidental fire.
  • Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean down cushions. If there are dust particles trapped between the seams and fabric material, use a brush with soft bristles.
  • If you have intentions of cleaning the cushions of your sofa, don’t remove the outer covers because the cleaning process might damage the backing of the cushions. Again, if you don’t have a real clue on how to clean your cushions properly, better call a furniture upholstery provider in Dubai. Why? These furniture upholsterer experts have the right cleaning tools, knowledge and trainings to do the job correctly without causing damaged on your well-loved furniture set.
  • Don’t let your children play with sharp or pointed objects while near or sitting on your furniture pieces like a family sofa because they might accidentally pierce the pointed objects directly on the sofa and damaged it. For minor scratches left on your leather sofa, you can use a light buff with chamois to lessen the visibility of these unwanted marks.

Additional furniture care tips on upholstered or custom-made furniture pieces:

  • Stain, spillages and other stubborn dirt are among the common problems that homeowners face on a daily basis with their upholstered or customized furniture pieces. If you are going to clean them by yourself, the very first thing you need to do is check the cleaning code of your furniture. This code is usually found on the hang tag of your furniture pieces. For example, if the hang tag bears the mark “WS”, the cleaning code instruction suggests the use of mild water-based cleaning products.
  • Furniture pieces with the “W” cleaning code means you need to use water-based or foams.
  • If you furniture set has the “X” cleaning code, this means you can use a vacuum cleaner or brush with soft bristles.

Buying furniture pieces, especially those customized from well-know furniture makers in Dubai may cost a lot of money, so if you want to safeguard your investment and enjoy longer years of usage, it is a must to give proper care, cleaning and maintenance on each of your furniture pieces.

If you don’t have the time, energy and expertise to do the actual cleaning, better entrust this cleaning project with a reputable furniture specialist in Dubai. Don’t take any chances let an expert bring the best in your furniture pieces.

I do hope the above tips can give you useful ideas on how to care your furniture pieces. If you want to know more on maintaining the beautiful appearance of you priceless furniture set, do online research from websites offering professional advice on this subject matter and benefit in the end.