Dubai Furniture Specialist’s Tips On Fine Wood Furniture Care
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Do you want to prolong the service of your fine wood furniture pieces? Fine wood furniture sets when given proper care and maintenance could last years and remain in good condition as if you just bought them from a furniture retail outlet. To stay confident that you can benefit from the longer years of usage of your beautiful wooden furniture pieces, here are some tips on fine wood furniture pieces shared by Dubai furniture specialist. I do hope you can apply these professional caring practices on your wooden furniture sets.

  1. Wood furniture care is your topmost priority if you want your fine wood furniture pieces to last a lifetime. To avoid fading on their exterior finish, avoid placing them in direct sunlight. If possible put them in an area where direct exposure to sunlight is only minimal or you can put protective covering on your windows like the use of custom-made blinds or heavy drapes of curtains to ward off harmful rays of the sun.
  2. Avoid any moisture from coming in direct contact with your fine wood furniture pieces because moist build-up could lead to fading or peeling of the wood in the future. If you can’t avoid occasional spillage of liquid on your wooden furniture’s surface, wipe off the spills immediately to prevent any unsightly marks from remaining on the wood.
  3. Protect the surface of fine wood furniture sets like coffee tables and side tables with the use of tablecloth as covering. Refrain from putting hot items on the top of your wooden tables like hot pots or warm pans. Use coasters, trivet and hot pads to protect your wooden tables if you really need to serve hot food or warm beverages for your family and guests.
  4. Regular dusting of your fine wood furniture pieces is a must to keep them clean and shiny. Use a clean, soft fabric cloth to remove any dust or dirt particles sitting on your fine wood furniture’s surfaces to prevent any scratches. In case you need to clean them with water, always use a mild soap solution to avoid any harsh chemicals from coming in direct contact with the wood. After cleaning them with the soapy mixture, any liquid residue left must be quickly wipe off with a clean soft cloth to take all those excess moisture left on the wooden furniture pieces. For minor scratches, ask your friendly DIY (Do-it-your-own) sore or any hardware shop in Dubai for some suggestions of the best polishing products for wooden furniture sets.
  5. Appropriate storage is also vital for all wooden furniture sets that are unused. Keep in mind, wood is prone to damage when exposed to too much humidity. If you have to store excess fine wood furniture pieces like chairs and tables, choose a storage area where there is a stable room temperature, not too much humid in the air or too little humid present. If there is only one available place to store them which is the basement, make sure you have a dehumidifiers to maintain the required temperature of the entire storage area. Don’t forget to cover all wooden furniture pieces with cloths to avoid accumulation of dust or unwanted dirt.

Additional care and maintenance tips for wooden furniture pieces:

  • Use appropriate wood furniture cleansing agents to clean your wooden furniture pieces. Avoid using ordinary household cleaning solutions with ammonia because this ingredient could lead to the damage of the wood’s surface. For any dust left on your fine wood furniture pieces, a wet or damp cloth will do to clean them and must be followed with the wiping of a dry clean cloth for that shiny effect.
  • Know the type of wood your furniture pieces is manufactured before using any cleaning or polishing product. If you don’t have a clue on the product that will work best on your fine wood furniture pieces ask the professional advice of a reliable furniture specialist in Dubai. You can also read the care instruction guide provided by your furniture’s manufacturer.
  • Contact a furniture specialist provider in Dubai to do the regular care and maintenance for all your priceless wooden furniture pieces, so that you can truly enjoy their longer years of services.

Top advice:

I do hope the above tips will give you some great ideas on how you can prolong the top quality condition of you well-loved fine wood furniture pieces. If you still want to feel confident that you are doing the right care or maintenance procedure on your wooden furniture sets, seek the professional advice of your reliable furniture specialist in Dubai and I’m sure you will get a handful of solid advice on this matter. Start the proper furniture care project now and enjoy the fruits of your hard work with good as new wooden furniture sets.