Decorating Tips For Your Kid’s Bedroom In Dubai
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Decorating your kid’s bedroom could be totally fun and exciting, especially if you will involve him or her in the entire activity. If you get stuck in the middle of planning stage, below are some effective steps to guide you in the right direction. Keep in mind, there are no strict rules when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, so let this be your bonding moment and give your child a chance to explore his or her creative mind.

Step 1 - Determine your child’s general interest

This is a crucial stage if you want a successful outcome of your kid’s bedroom decorating project. Know exactly the likes and interests of your kid. Ask your child’s opinion on this matter, since he or she will be the one staying in that room often. Start by choosing a theme that isn’t hard to mix and match with the present furniture pieces found in the room. If your child is still in the pre-school bracket, famous cartoon characters and Disney icons should be on your list of selections. If he or she is quite young to make a decision, choose general themes appropriate for your little ones age like themes featuring space, under the sea or jungle will be relevant.

Step 2 – Choose a color scheme

Decorating a child’s room is quite different and challenging than doing an adult’s room, especially when choosing the perfect color combinations that will blend well with the rest of your child’s interior. According to home interior experts in Dubai, brighter colors will invite more energy inside the room and create a free-spirited atmosphere unlike dull or darker shades. If you are planning to repaint the faded walls, go for glossy type of paint that will be easy to clean during accidental spillages of drinks or unsightly marks left by dirty hands.

Step 3 – Add a touch of your kid’s personality

Every bedroom depicts the overall personality of the person sleeping there. It would be best to add some final touches that will showcase the true identity of your child. For example, if he or she is into sports and have been performing well, why not set one corner of his or her bedroom and display all those achievements, whether they are trophies, medals or certificates of recognition. These achievements will not only serve as reminder for your child to stay focus on his or her aspirations, but be a true source of encouragement to become the best athlete in the future.

Step 4 – Create a detailed budget

Redecorating your child’s bedroom doesn’t need to be extravagant. Create a detailed budgeting list and make sure you follow strictly on your spending, so that you don’t end up with a huge debt on your credit card. Scout for the best decorating products at the DIY stores if you will do the project on your own. In case you are considering hiring an interior designer in Dubai, verify if the professional fee is already included on the estimated billing. Sometimes, resorting to the professional services of a reliable home décor specialist will help you manage your budget wisely because these people will help you plan your spending from the smallest detail up to the most important part of the bedroom needing decoration. In fact, with their long list of trusted networks and connections of other services needed in home decoration, they could even negotiate and get the best deal for you. For example if you will need customized blinds for your child’s window, they could easily provide a list of window experts in Dubai who can do this job. Be assured they can get all the help needed from the right providers without requiring you to spend more.

Step 5 – Finalize your decoration layout

Before you even make any purchases or call the right contractors who will assist you on this decorating project, finalize your layout. For example, do you have plans of changing the present position of your kid’s bed by moving it away from the window or are you considering of child-proofing the entire place for your kid’s safety? All these questions must be answered first before you make any move.

Final recommendation:

One of the rooms in the house where you could play around with vibrant color and themes is your child’s room, so be ready to let your creative or artistic  talents shine as you carry on with this activity. Give your child every opportunity to voice his or her opinion and final say when it comes to decorating his or her bedroom because at the end of the day after a tiring day at school, this is the most comfortable place in the house where you child would like to stay and relax. Let him or her decide on what type of wallpaper will be plastered on those bedroom walls or where in particular corner will you put those storage boxes.