Bamboo Blinds In Dubai: Advantages And Types
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Blinds in general are used for homes, offices and other business establishments to ward off the bright light coming from the sun while other opt for blinds to achieve complete privacy. Among the various types of blinds available in the market that is getting famous not only from top-notch interior designers in Dubai is the bamboo blind. Why? Let me share with you these amazing advantages of bamboo blinds.

  • Bamboo blinds come from eco-friendly materials

The bamboo plant which is considered to be among the fastest growing plants found in our planet is the primary resource material in the production of bamboo blinds. So, to anyone who is a bit afraid to cause further harm to our environment if he or she will patronize the use of bamboo wood in the making of blinds, the, feel more secured because bamboo plants can be easily planted and be harvested for use after three to five years.

  • Bamboo blinds are easy to maintain

If you are skeptical that having bamboo blinds will require you to perform tedious cleaning, then, here’s the most irresistible treat for all busy homemakers in Dubai, bamboo blinds are easy to manage and clean. All you need is to vacuum all the dusty particles that have accumulated on their surfaces, wash and hang them in a place where there is direct exposure to sunlight for quick drying. The ideal cleaning schedule to clean your bamboo blinds is at least once a month, especially if you live in a dust prone area.

  • Bamboo blinds guarantee lasting usage

Bamboo plants are considered to produce the most durable type of wood found to be perfect in building houses, furniture pieces and even bridges to rural places in the Asian region. In fact, the bamboo blinds are proven to last for years and guaranteed lasting usage, so you don’t need to worry about having to purchase new sets of blinds after a month’s usage. With proper care and cleaning, bamboo blinds will be there to serve you for their real purpose of keeping the direct sunlight away from your room even during the hottest weather season.

  • Bamboo blinds can go with any design or style of your home or office

Did you know why bamboo blinds are the top choice of home designers in Dubai? Well, they can go and blend well with the other artistic designs or style of any home or office. You can create the natural ambiance you wish to achieve in any room of the house or office without having to do major redecorations or purchase new set of furniture pieces. They can add elegance to any available decorations found in your room.

  • Bamboo blinds are affordable

Unlike other types of blinds that are very costly in the market, bamboo blinds are the most affordable types of blinds because of the abundance of supply of the raw materials needed to produce quality bamboo blinds. Customers can have a wide range of style and bamboo finish to suit their particular need or style preference.

The different types of bamboo blinds:

Bamboo blinds are produced in various styles, colors and finishes. If you are on the lookout for perfect bamboo blinds for your home, office or business establishment, follow the basic rule of thumb when conducting redecoration projects, choose something that will blend with your windows and patio doors.

Here are the different types of bamboo blinds:

  • Roman type of bamboo blinds
  • Venetian type of bamboo blinds
  • Roll-up type of bamboo blinds

Final advice:

Choosing bamboo blinds for your home or office decoration project is an excellent choice, especially if you have limited budget. These types of blinds can be custom-made to fit your windows size and style. To add spark on your patio doors, go for roll-up type of bamboo blinds. If you aren’t sure what type of bamboo blinds will be ideal for your house décor and other interior pieces, consult an interior designer and window expert in Dubai. These professionals have wide experience in designing and customizing blinds, so you have peace of mind that every detail you wish to achieve will come out according to your distinct taste.

In case you will do shopping for your bamboo blinds from home retail outlet stores, don’t forget to get the accurate measurement of your windows and patio doors. Feel free to ask also the attending manager of the store if they provide free measurement services in case you didn’t know how to get the correct measurement. Remember, regardless of the type of blinds you will choose, it’s advisable you go from one store to another, get their free quotes and compare prices. If you feel you will benefit more contacting a window expert fitter for bamboo blinds, then, go ahead and book for a home visit to get a good view of the actual size of your windows and patio doors.